Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going Home

I've been traveling a lot lately... hence the less than daily posting. One of my recent trips brought me home to spend time with my family and the weekend was filled with better-than-restaurant cooking by Mom and a few beautiful days outside enjoying the last bits of winter in Idaho. Much of it was very photo worthy...

Thai scallops over noodles

Our telemark route in the Teton Pass
Taking a lunch break at the top of the Mountain

Edemame Sesame Salad
BBQ'ed veggies over Israeli Couscous

I came home well fed with tired legs and a sunburned face. As always, a perfect trip.


Stacy said...

Please ask your Mom if I can come to Idaho for dinner!
She must be vegetarian as well as I don't see any pasta or risotto!
I'm happy to hear you had a wonderful time you deserve it.

dana said...

Well, if you ever take a road trip through Idaho you'll have to go through the SE end. My parents brought my brother and I up on whole foods with almost no meat... except for the occasional fresh fish when we lived back east. I aspire to someday come close to her cooking abilities. She comes up with the most amazing foods and gets all possible ingredients from her garden. I eat a lot when I go home...

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