Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nani Oei Photography

Being best friends with someone since age 4 is a rare thing. Throw in living across the country from each other since 4th grade and it becomes even more unique. This is my relationship with my best friend Jessica. She flew here this weekend from Rhode Island and had the great idea of having a local photographer follow us around for a couple hours while we wandered the city. She did a random search on Craigslist and happened upon Nani Oei. I don't know how we lucked out but Nani turned out to be an incredible find! She is such a talent and has a way of capturing every moment exactly the way it feels. Jess and I were so thrilled to see the photos today and I had to share this local talent with you all. If you are in need of a photographer for anything... wedding, new baby, or even just hanging out with someone important to you... Nani is absolutely amazing at what she does and she is such a joy to spend time with. We both felt like we had known her forever. Thanks Nani!

Check out her Facebook page, blog and website to see new photos that she takes.

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