Monday, July 26, 2010


Caitlin- 36th & Stone in Fremont.
Since finishing art school in Portland Caitlin has been living in Berlin and just recently returned to the Northwest. She creates gorgeous art using stacked and framed plastic straws. You can see her incredibly unique work at

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Mark Nava said...

Amazing Dana! I love that you have been meeting so many creative and brilliant people... but then again, you always do :) I love Caitlin's boots.

Stacy said...

Where do you find all these beautiful people? Seattle is packed full of them obviously!

Are those ndc boots?

dana said...

Isn't she just stunning? And did you check out her art. Very talented girl. I'm not sure about the boots. I think she may have gotten them while in Berlin. I just looked up NDC boots... wow, those are amazing. Thanks for mentioning them so I could get curious and check them out.

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