Friday, July 2, 2010


Samantha- In front of Sephora at 4th & Pine downtown.
I'm starting to get a grip on what catches my attention when I am out taking photos or walking home from work with my camera. I'm very drawn towards pieces that are put together in a way that perhaps wasn't originally intended... In a way that you wouldn't generally see on a mannequin at a department store or in a big box store's catalog. Not taking the easy way. Since I was young I have always mixed old pieces with new, long with short, vibrant with neutral. A touch of unexpected without pushing the shock value. It could be as simple as placing a childish pin on a sophisticated ensemble or as funky as wearing something in the wrong direction like a cardigan with the button side on your back. It's these little things that catch my eye. Not what is currently on the runway or in the store window displays.

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