Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's My Darlin' on TV

The lovely Darcy Camden, founder and chief stylist of Styled.Seattle, was on New Day on Monday morning for a segment covering Seattle street fashion. I was so flattered that she chose to feature my photos of Jan and that she took the time to discuss It's My Darlin' during her segment. What an honor!

Darcy is a true expert at what she does. She has been called Seattle's own Stacy London since her work on Ambush Makeover. If you are in need of a closet overhaul or if the idea of going shopping terrifies you it might be time get in touch with Darcy. She'll go through your closet with you, determine what you need and what your goals are, and help you accomplish those goals either by shopping with you or going out and doing the shopping for you (this applies to you too gentlemen). Right now I'm sure most of you are either either thinking "I need this!" or "How do I get this job?".

Thanks again Darcy!

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Chelsea Lane said...

Darcy is one of my biggest inspirations; I'm dying for a job/internship with her! Great feature, Dana :)

dana said...

Thanks Chelsea!
You should contact her(there is contact info on her website). I don't know if she takes internships but she is incredibly friendly and loves what she does so I am sure she would enjoy talking about it with you.

It would be a pretty great field to find a place in woudln't it?

Stacy said...

Good job for both you and Darcy!
Even though I'm just across the border it's unbelievable how much more emphasis is placed on fashion in Seattle. Congrats!

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