Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brass Razoo

I have wanted to own a boutique since I was a teenager. Sometimes I come across places that are along the lines of the shops that I have imagined bringing to life. I found one recently that was what I have always dreamed of creating but so much cooler than what my imagination was able to concoct. While visiting Idaho my friend Jamie of Poppipetals and I made a stop at Brass Razoo in Nampa (about a half hour drive west of Boise). Jamie had been telling me about this shop all day during our thrifting adventure but I never could have anticipated the concept she explained to me being so beautifully executed.
Owner Elise Vaughn is originally from Australia but ended up in Idaho when her husband (who she met at college in California) was transferred there for work. She opened the shop a little over three years ago when her incredible creativity pulled her away from social work and brought her into what has turned out to be her true calling... bringing Idaho beautiful things to wear and put in their homes.

Elise repurposes everything from furniture and lamps to jewelry and dresses and then sells them at irresistible prices. I found myself a cozy wool sweater for $20... eyed several different necklaces created from pieces of antique jewelry for $25 each... I even considered renting a Uhaul and refurnishing my living room with several revamped chairs, a coffee table on wheels and an antique couch that looked like it had never been used (nothing over $150!).
You can tell that design comes naturally to Elise the second you step into the store. Everything there has a personal touch. She was so excited to tell me the story behind anything I was interested in at the shop and each item felt very carefully chosen and perfectly placed. The best way I can describe BR is that it is like an all handmade and totally affordable Anthropologie.
I know that most of you readers live here in Seattle but I have a few of you over in Boise. Go say hi to Elise and find yourself some amazing treasures! I'm still strongly considering the Uhaul plan.
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Stacy said...

I've always dreamed of having a boutique too. It's the overhead that frightens me.

dana said...

Me too Stacy. I have this dream that someday Don and I will magically stumble upon a lot of money and I can open a store for fun rather than rely on it for income. In other words... it will never happen ;)

There is nothing else like this store in Nampa and the only thing like it in Boise is Anthro so I think that Emily is going to continue to be super successful.

James said...

Her name is actually Elise, not Emily. The store is my wife's favorite place. Elise has made a wonderful place in Downtown Nampa, ID!

James said...

Her name is actually Elise, not Emily. My wife absolutely loves the store! Elise has made such a great place in the heart of downtown Nampa, Idaho!

dana said...

Thank you so much James! I fixed the name error. And my apologies to Elise for not remembering your name correctly when you introduced yourself. Look out, 90 year old's memory hiding in a 28 year old's brain.

Stacy said...

Hi Dana!

I've given you the 'I Love Your Blog' award. Go to mine to see the deets.

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