Monday, December 27, 2010


I caught Jason downtown while he was heading to work at Pike Place Chowder. I could tell instantly when I saw him that his clothes would have a story. After taking some photos, Jason told me that his bomber jacket used to belong to his uncle. A long time ago, his uncle's dog chewed up the fur on the collar. I like the faults in this coat. I have a few favorite items that have a hole here or there and even though I know they should be fixed I generally don't mend them because I like the way these flaws look. My very favorite item of clothing is a military jacket that I found in the shed behind Don and I's house in Boise about 5 years ago. It was in box with several other men's items that I believe belonged to Harold, the man we bought the house from. The jacket had outlines where there were once patches, a frayed collar and pockets and a small hole forming on each elbow. At the time I remember thinking I should cover the wear and tear with some neat leather elbow patches but I never did it. Now both elbows have wide open holes that are just a part of why I love the jacket. So much character.

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