Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Linda Derschang & Jack

When I stopped Linda for her photo she told me that no one has ever stopped her for something like this before... Well, I have a pretty good feeling that this is long overdue. From this outfit I found her style to be bold, effortless and totally unique. It should have come as no surprise when she told me that she is the owner/co-owner of Capitol Hill favorites Smith, Oddfellows (Yes, the same Oddfellows that is often featured on this blog for it's perfect cupcakes and stylish employees!), Linda's Tavern and King's Hardware in Ballard. All of which also have her signature stylings from top to bottom in the form of decor.

What a fun gal! And her dog Jack was such a sweet pup. He was the perfect gentleman and posed handsomely in every picture.

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