Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rabia & Lauren

I found Rabia and Lauren in front of Bauhaus on my way downtown a few days ago. Seeing them in their colorful bohemian layers made me feel like I was watching a moment in time from the 70's. Clothes have always been so telling of the times but we live in an interesting place now where inspiration is taken from all the eras that came before us. We have such incredible access to vintage clothing with sites like Etsy and Ebay and in Seattle we are also lucky to have endless access to great second hand/vintage stores. I feel really lucky when I get ready in the morning and find myself pairing a vintage sweater from the 50's, shoes from last year and Levis that I plucked from a box of my dads old clothes when I was in high school. It all somehow comes together to make "my style".
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