Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Unicorn

I had to get some photos for you guys of the circus/carnival inspired food and decor at The Unicorn, a Capitol Hill bar that opened in the Pike/Pine corridor a little over a year ago. We went for the first time last weekend and had so much fun. Now, let me preface this by saying that The Don and I have grown a bit lame in the last couple years when it comes to bars... We prefer to enjoy them in the light of day before the crowds arrive and while the happy hour menu is out in full force. We go for the food in other words. The Unicorn ended up having a beer on tap ($4) that Don really likes and a Viognier wine ($5) that was ultra tasty so we had a few drinks too. The food on the happy hour menu was seriously inexpensive so we ordered way more than we knew we could eat.

The Lynwood Poutine- Ranch fries, cheddar cheese, Franks Red Hot Aioli ($4.50)

Narwhal Balls- Mashed Potato, Swiss cheese, deep fried with a Harrissa mayo ($3)

Vegetarian "hand dipped with love" corn dog ($2)

On their regular non-happy hour menu they have tons of other "should I really be eating this" items like the Magical Unicorn Burger which has Sri-Rachas cream cheese, cole slaw and crispy onion rings on it, a Crispy Fried Exploding Twinky, and even the old tried and true carnival go to; the elephant ear. In addition to the food that makes you feel like a kiddo (and also makes you feel like you may be experiencing minor heart malfuctions) these guys also have a great jukebox and walls covered all sorts of things you can't stop looking at. Don and I spent about a half hour researching the difference between leopards and spotted jaguars on our phones trying to figure out which of the two was mounted on the wall. Okay, now that I have typed that out I'm realizing it sounds not so fun but for some reason we were highly amused. I can't attest to what the Unicorn is like once the crowds come out but I highly recommend stopping by for happy hour one afternoon and finding your inner child (ditching your diet) for a bit.

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