Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sarah- 4th & Pine downtown Seattle
Good lord, Sarah has got incredible hair! Absolutely gorgeous.

This coat was once covered completely in the material on the torso but to make it her own she tore off the majority of it off leaving only the khaki colored lining. Then, to top it off, a larger than life cat patch on the back. An everyday coat turned into a one of a kind DIY treasure. I love that.

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Stacy said...

First thing I thought too Dana!
Tried a perm in the 80s. Didn't work out too well.

stokes said...

hey, that's me! haha. here's a full shot of the cat patch... back when it was still on the tote bag my great grandma made me.

dana said...

Hey Sarah! I added the close up. Such a great patch. I couldn't get your link to work... I want to see.

stokes said...

ah damn, it worked in the preview! here's the raw URL:

it had my initials on the back in puff paint and everything, haha.

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