Saturday, August 27, 2011


Julia- 4th & Pine
This bag was used to belong to Julia's mother. Isn't it interesting how you can sense when someone treasures an item that they are wearing. So often when a piece that someone is wearing stands out to me it ends up being the one that has a great story behind it. I have a few things of my grandmas that a so important to me. They are some of my favorite belongings. Whenever I wear them people notice them and ask about them and I've always wondered if our love for an item somehow brings it attention. Maybe we unknowingly look at it during conversation causing the person we are talking to to do the same. Or is it some hippie dippy unseen force from our fondness for the item that draws their interest there. Who knows... with all the time I have spent talking to people about what they are wearing and why it is just something that has been so intriguing to me.

I should have asked about that bracelet. Looking at these photos I'm guessing it has a story too...

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