Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Laura Curry

Laura Curry- 12th & Pike on Capitol Hill

Laura is a New York/Seattle artist currently working on an interactive art event called "Interview Me" that will take place at the Northwest Film Forum Sept 15th-17th. You can read more about her on her and her art on her blog and about "Interview Me" on the NWFF website. It sounds pretty incredible.

This perfect perfect bag was designed and constructed by Laura's son who is the in house designer for OAKNY. Beware, their site has A LOT of things on it that you are going to want to buy.

In addition to all of the above creativity I've thrown at you Laura is also very close with Ari Seth Cohen, the writer of one of the few blogs that I read regularly called Advanced Style. I'm sure most of you have already been but if you haven't seen Advanced Style yet it is definitely one that you want on your list of regular reads. It is a truly unique blog in a world of endless street style websites.

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