Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lost Art of Snail Mail

Do you still write letters? Call me old fashioned but it is still my preferred mode of keeping in touch, saying "Thank you", saying "I'm sorry", or telling someone exciting news. I love fine paper, interesting handwriting, doodles... I even love the post office (yes, I really do!) and going there to buy new stamps. It is so wonderful to receive mail but I also really I enjoy the act of writing a letter and making it a beautiful thing for my recipient to receive. If you have lost touch with this ritual I encourage you to choose someone in your life and make them your pen pal. Make the effort to each write a letter a month to each other. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy the whole experience as well as how much you can learn about a person once you go back to the basics and eliminate the speed and ease of the computer.

This beautiful piece of mail arrived the other day from my dear friend Piper (remember those homemade Fig Newtons??). I love having someone in my life that enjoys letter writing as much as I do.

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Wear The Canvas said...

I love snail mail too! I used to despise USPS but now I use it all the time! I especially love vintage postcards and handmade envelopes!

Heather Jane Steeley - Writer and Designer said...

I have had the same snail mail penfriend for 23 years! (Since we were both 10). I answered her ad in Sindy Magazine for a penpal and although we exchange about 4 letters a year now - we do the facebooking and emailing in between. I have her latest snail mail card on my mantlepiece!!

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