Friday, November 4, 2011

Chelsea & Emily

Seattle Street Style Grunge
Seattle Street Style Grunge
Pine & Melrose @ Bauhaus Coffee
Where do I even start? These two are so lovely. Unique thrifted clothing, bold hair, the heels on Emily's shoes and that great bag tucked behind Chelsea's feet... and let's not forget that perfect big gold watch. I'm glad I ran into these two on their coffee date because pretty soon here they are both moving to NYC. So exciting, have fun ladies!
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jeanofalltrades said...

We need stylish people like Emily and Chelsea in Seattle! We were recentlt voted one of the worst dressed cities :( I know they would change that!

dana said...

A few people have told me about that ranking. Sad... I think we have incredible style. Of course, not everyone is going to be interested in fashion and I am happy for that. It wouldn't be as fun if everyone was dressed uniquely. It may not seem unique anymore.

I wonder how the list was determined.

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