Thursday, February 23, 2012


Seattle Street Style
Seattle Street Style
Seattle Street Style
Harrison & Harvard on Capitol Hill
I always joke with Claire that she has different hair every time I run into her. Being that I am incredibly unadventurous with my hair I am always totally envious of those that make major changes to their cut and color without a second thought. It is an accessory that I often overlook. This style has me reminiscing my days with platinum locks...

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Kristin said...

Hi Dana!
I'm making a trip up to Seattle in the middle of June and I'm using your blog for inspiration of what clothes to bring along. My biggest question is what foot wear should I choose? Since I'll be walking around a lot, I need something friendly for my feet but I don't completely want to forsake fashion. Additionally, I'm not sure how to accommodate Seattle weather in the process. Should I wear rain boots to be prepared for rain? Or would any type of flats suffice? Any tips would be appreciated!

dana said...

In june you shouldn't have to worry about heavy rain or really any rain at all. Rainy days here consist mostly of mist or a drizzle. I wear converse high tops everyday to walk to walk work and on the weekend when I am on adventures in different neighborhoods.

Any type of flats would be just fine. I like the chucks because they have a rubber sole and toe so if it gets a little wet my feet stay dry. If you have comfy sandals (no flip flops :) )I would bring those. Seattle is very hilly so if you plan on walking around a lot I wouldn't do heels.
I hope you have a great trip!!!

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