Sunday, February 19, 2012


I really like when I come across people wearing a piece that I have already photographed someone wearing. It is always fun seeing an item in a different light when it is worn by two people with different style.
Seattle Street Style
Seattle Street Style
I took this photo of Lydia last year. A really similar color palette but each girl's personal style shows in how they put their outfit together.
Seattle Street Style

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Courtney said...

That Lauren Moffat coat is so awesome! I tried so desperately to get it on sale but never could find it in my size. The color is to die for and the little white arrows make it extra perfect! It looks great on both of them!

al said...

i do love it when you post two very different dressing girls in the same article of clothing. especially when its that lm pink coat! i die every time i see it.


Anonymous said...

Love this pink coat! Does anyone know where to get one?

dana said...

I know that it's from Anthropologie. You may be able to find it on ebay... It was from a year ago I believe.

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