Sunday, April 22, 2012

Now in The Seattle Times!

I can finally share my news with you.  I've learned over the last few years not to get excited about things related to the blog until I see them in front of me because... well, they rarely end up actually become anything.  Idea's get replaced by newer better ideas, plans fall through and things get put off.  Because of this I no longer get my hopes up when someone proposes an offer or collaboration until it has actually happened.  So that being said, I am officially excited to say that It's My Darlin' is now a regular part of the printed Sunday edition of The Seattle Times because I am looking at it right now on table next to me!  I was so honored a few weeks ago when The Times contacted me hoping to find a way that we could collaborate on a feature for the print edition and since then we have worked together on the final product that you see above.  Really hoping it is well received by those who read the paper.  If you like it, let them know.  As long as the feature is a success then it will stick around for a while.

I'm so happy that Ferdous is the inaugural photo for this feature.  Both this photo and the ones that I took of him a couple years ago are a couple of my very favorite shots.  He has such a great love of style and it shows.  If you go to the next Hangover Market Flea Market at the Comet Tavern on the 29th and see Ferdous at his booth there tell him that you saw his photo in The Seattle Times. 

 I'll do a post each week on the It's My Darlin' Facebook page to let everyone know which photo was featured in the paper.


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