Sunday, April 8, 2012

Urban Fieldnotes & Brent Luvaas

(Image by Brent Luvass via Urban Field Notes)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to start a Street Style blog? I know that when I started this blog years ago I didn't have a clue what I was doing and it was just a whole lot of trial and error. Well, Philadelphia based anthropologist and author Brent Luvaas was fascinated with the culture of street style photography and blogging about it so he decided to try it for himself in the way he knew best; a research project. Brent started Urban Fieldnotes a few weeks ago as a place to track his experience creating and running a street style fashion blog. Unlike other street style sites, mixed within the photos you will find Brent's analysis and observations on everything that comes with asking complete strangers on the street to take their photo as well as the work that goes into putting the site itself together. As he states in his first post, most anthropologists keep their findings a secret until everything is completed and put together for publishing. Brent is trying it a different way. He is an open book about his experiences and part of the research project is going to involve the input that he receives on his blog from the readers, the subjects of his photos and other street style photographers. The conversation that Urban Fieldnotes starts will all be part of the study. It is such a fascinating idea. I am really enjoying myself as I watch the site come together and read Brent's perspective on becoming a street style blogger.

A few days ago Brent and I spoke over skype and he has posted the interview on his site today. Head over Urban Field Notes and become part of the conversation.

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