Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Indian Summer Window

Indian Summer Vintage
Indian Summer Vintage
I always make it a point to walk past Indian Summer every so often just to see what is going on in the windows. They are always done up to the nines and such great inspiration. After the window display that was up around the holidays this one is my favorite so far. It feels like a scene in a movie. That Adria... Such a talent.

Can't wait to get over there for some browsing once the shoulder is feeling better.

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H said...

How could I have not heard of this store before?! just when I thought i knew of every vintage shop out there within the Capitol Hill region.

Dana Landon said...

you must go! it is my very favorite shop

Anonymous said...

Her mother used to have a fabulous little antique store, and Adria did some wonderful displays there also. Adria has always had a fantasic eye for awesomness!! You should go check out her vintage store!

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