Monday, June 11, 2012

Lenna Petersen

I found Lenna at the table she had set up during the Capitol Hill garage sale at 11th & Republican.  I ended up taking a couple great shirts off her hands for a steal.  Lenna was on this blog a few years ago.  She is a designer here in Seattle who's most recent work has been in custom lingerie under her brand Oberg Innerwear.  You may have seen the right up about it in The Stranger. These pieces are so special, works of art really. The solaris Bra below is my favorite.  Lenna has such a great eye.  Between the outfits I have seen her in each time we cross paths and the work she does with her designs I find her very inspiring.

Lenna's partner Webster also runs a business very worth mentioning.  If you go through as much soda water as I do you may be interested to know that his company Under Pressure Seltzer delivers seltzer water in antique glass bottles to your house by bike.  Here is a video about his service from back when he was getting things off the ground. Signing up for this today...

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