Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recreating Rum Cake Memories

The other day, out of nowhere, I had this vivid memory of eating a rum cake with my brother that my neighbor brought over during the holidays.  I could remember the taste like it was yesterday and the image of being up past everyone in the house sitting on the counter with Wray Wray eating straight from the cake together was suddenly as vivid as if it had just happened.  I had to have this cake again.  So I wrote Gini (who still lives next door to my parents) and I asked her for the recipe.  Don made it the next day and it was wonderful.  Funny how such strong memories can just pop up out of no where like that. I think that sharing great food with someone you love creates a really strong memory because of the addition of an extra sense.  Taste! 

Here is Gini's rum cake recipe, simple and delicious.  No one can deny the magic of yellow box cake...  Enjoy.

1 box yellow cake mix (or use a white cake or yellow cake scratch recipe, but substitute rum for 1/2 c of the water or milk!)
3 eggs (I use 4 at altitude)
1/2 c water
1/2 c dark rum
1/2 c oil
1 c pecans chopped

grease and flour bundt pan
place nuts in bottom
mix up batter till very smooth then pour over nuts
bake at 350 approx *40 minutes (*We undercooked because we like pretty much everything a little undercooked when it comes to baked goods)

while cake is cooking, melt 1 stick butter
add 1 c. sugar
add 1/4 c. water

Bring to gentle boil for 3 min. Remove from heat.
Add 1/2 c. dark rum

When you take the cake out, immediately remove it from the bundt pan, and gently poke holes in it. Slowly baste/pour the glaze over the cake covering the sides and filling the little holes. 

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