Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rochelle, Leigh and Blink Lash Bar

Broadway & Roy- The DeLuxe Bar

These ladies were nice enough to let me interrupt their drinks to get a photo. Leigh is the owner of Blink Lash Bar just around the corner in the historic Loveless Building.  In addition to lashes they also do eyebrow shaping and will soon be offering hair styling services.  

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VueSociety Intern said...

What a cute blog! This is so great! I definitely support local bloggers. Seattle is definitely a trendy city in my book! You just gotta look for it in the right places! Great pics!
Check out my blog please:

Larry Williams said...

Blink Las Bar is really a great place to hang out with your best friend. I like reading your blog. There are lots of beautiful place to discover. :)

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