Saturday, January 26, 2013

TNT Taqueria in Wallingford

I haven't posted about food on here for a while. Don has been traveling for work and I have been in a rut of making the same old same at home. Well, last weekend Don was home and while running an errand mid morning we drove past a colorful new restaurant on 45th in Wallingford. Ever since Don's obsession with cooking traditional mexican food at home we have been equally fixated on trying to find the best taqueria in Seattle. This mission has lead us to some really great spots: Taqueria El Antojo on Hwy 99 in Lynnwood, Tacos El Asadero on Rainier and now... TNT Taqueria

TNT's menu was expansive and had a lot of great vegetarian options. They also source all of their meat and eggs from local farms. The chips and tortillas were made fresh from scratch in house and so was everything that came with them. The prices are higher than the other two taqueria's I mentioned above but it is a small price to pay for super fresh ingredients that come from right outside the city. We were so excited to find this little spot and we'll continue to break our new year's resolutions there often.

TNT Taqueria Papas Dulce and kale breakfast burrito it's my darlin'
Papas dulce & kale breakfast burrito (sweet potatos!! yum!)

TNT Taqueria Al Pastor Taco
Al pastor taco plate

TNT Taqueria

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