Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bend, OR Part I

Don and I met my parents in Bend, OR last weekend for some skiing, new town exploring and lots of good eating. I kept my eye out for style to photograph but came home empty handed. No shortage of good food photos though. I couldn't believe how many restaurants there were there. I felt like I was in a small scale more intimate version of Portland the whole weekend. Everyone bikes and walks to get from place to place, the food at all the restaurants is local, sustainable and organic and the people living there are nice beyond nice. It is an outdoorsy persons dream. There is skiing late into spring, a wide calm river running through the middle of downtown that is begging to be played in and endless hiking both in and out of the city.

Our first dinner was at Brother John's Alehouse. I ordered the Mac & Cheese after some strong encouragement from the locals. It was really incredible.

We had brunch at local favorite Chow. This was Portlandia to the max... You could inquire with the server about each ingredients farm of origin. 

The daily french toast with a honey lemon cream cheese and wine poached figs

They offer biscuits and gravy in several variations both vegetarian and meat

The Locavore: described by CHOW as a three egg omelette filled with the seasons best available ingredients served with roasted potatoes. 

We stayed in the most adorable craftsman bungalow rental house called The River Run Cottage just a 10 min walk from downtown and right on the Deschutes River Trail. If you go to Bend I highly recommend staying at one of the Bend Cottages. Our house was the same price as a hotel room per night but it had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hot tub, a fireplace, a huge kitchen and laundry machines. I wanted to take this house home with me.

More Bend tomorrow.

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