Monday, September 9, 2013

Idaho Part II

On my recent Idaho trip to shoot Anna and Shea's wedding Don and I flew into Salt Lake City so that we could spend some time checking out the food there and exploring the city. Don took me to Red Iguana, his all time favorite Mexican restaurant. Yes, even after living in Brownsville, TX right on the Mexican border for almost a year Don still never found a place he liked as much as Red Iguana. After eating there I wouldn't even question it. This place was unreal. I was totally overwhelmed looking at the menu and wanted to order everything so our server was kind enough to bring me a flight of their 7 made-in-house moles so that I could narrow my decision down a little easier. I ended up getting the enchiladas with Mole Negro. I took photos but it was really dark where we were sitting in the back and the pictures just wouldn't do the food justice. Check out their Yelp page and you will get a pretty good idea of what all the fuss is about. 

Before heading to Idaho Falls we spent an afternoon at the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake. It was a really incredible experience. The Aviary was started in 1938 and in recent years it has been renovated to become the conservatory and bird safe haven that it is today.  We got to see birds that I've never heard of and birds that I have only seen photos of like the Grey Owl.  We even ended up adopting 54 year old Andy the Andean Condor! 

Idaho Falls is really beautiful in the late summer. This is my mom giving me a tour of her garden.

Two of the days we were Idaho Falls Don and I headed up to our favorite place to swim in the summer. Fall Creek waterfall is a creek that has a natural hot spring running into it and those two water sources fall into the Snake River. So, in other words, it's pretty much the perfect setup. A warm waterfall with a mossy stairway made of rocks and little pools to sit in on the way down. You can jump from the top into the river or walk all the way to the bottom and swim. 

Not a lot of people know how to get here by foot but the fishing hole at the bottom is much more well known. When we are there we usually see quite a few fishing boats make their way through.

My dad and I at the bottom. My parents were braver than me and carried thier camera down. My camera stays up top when I go.

Fall creek was followed by Scotty's Drive-In, our favorite lunch spot in Idaho Falls.

Such a good trip!

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