Wednesday, January 15, 2020

At Home with Emily Freidenrich

Before moving to Phoenix I got the opportunity to spend some time with author and researcher Emily Freidenrich at her beautiful art filled home in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Emily shares her light filled townhome with her husband Tyler and their corgi Pancake who hammed it up for me when Emily and I were up on her rooftop patio. During my visit I got a chance to talk with Emily about her experience putting out her most recent book Almost Lost Arts and she gifted me a copy.  The book documents several rare art forms and the artisans around the world who are dedicated to these crafts. I have pored over the book since receiving it is unbelievably inspiring, plus the photos are gorgeous. I highly recommend picking up a copy. It will leave you wanting to delve deeper and really slow down into any craft you enjoy. In a world of mass rapid production it's so beautiful to learn about those that are still doing things by hand with such care and passion. 

Emily and Tyler are both big supporters of the arts and fill their home with works by friends as well as pieces they find and felt a connection. Every corner of the house has something fun to look at and they haven't shied away from color but this nest still feels so tranquil. 

I really love getting to peek inside the homes of creatives. If you or anyone you know in the Phoenix area (or a Phoenix roadtrip destination) would be interested in having your space photographed I'd love to hear from you! Thank you so much to all of you that invited me into your live and work spaces in Seattle when I did that call out before moving. I wish I could have fit everyone before I left but I look forward to fitting some shoots in on future visits back to Seattle. 
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