Saturday, April 25, 2009

Modern Alchemy

Maybe it's the fact that the gorgeous label has my initials on it or perhaps it's just the timeless black hat box that all of their items come in.  Whatever the reason, when I was given a gift card for Essenza in Fremont as a wedding gift (thanks Veronica!) I was unable to resist using it on a D.L. & Co. Modern Alchemist Diffuser.  After spending a long time at Essenza contemplating which fragrance I wanted I finally went with Cassia from D.L.'s Art Neuvo Collection of diffusers. The sales person described it as Cassis fruit with a touch of fig.  The only other place I have come across D.L. & Co fragrances is at Square Room on Capitol Hill.  Square Room also carries what D.L. & Co. calls their "objects and curiosities"... a silver thorny apple candle holder with an apple scented votive candle and a sterling silver spiny clam shell pin.  I checked out D.L. & Co's website and they call themselves "purveyors of curious goods" and "a refuge for those weary of the prosaic, second-rate offerings that surround us all".  What a clever guy that Mr. Douglas Little...

Sure do love the band Sin Fang Bous and their song "The Jubilee Chorus"
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