Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cloud Cult at Neumos

We went to see Say Hi and Cloud Cult at Neumos last night.  Seattle band Say Hi had a great opening performance.  I was shocked to see that there are only two band members making that rockin sound!  Then, as always Cloud Cult put on a beautiful and interactive show filled with their wide range of instruments, screens playing visuals produced by the bands friend, and family members of the band painting to the music on huge canvases that are always sold to the highest bidder at the end of the night.   I always have such an amazing time seeing Cloud Cult.

They have remained independent despite numerous offers from labels because of the bands inspiring eco-conscious mindset.  They made a decision in the beginning that they would rather keep their project small and have complete control over how they progress and what they stand for.  Cloud Cult's studio is in Craig Minowa and his wife's (the painter in the images above) house on their small organic farm.  I just love this bands story.  

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