Monday, May 25, 2009

Senior Moose Cafe

We had brunch at Senior Moose Cafe in Ballard before heading to the Sunday Farmer's Market. The one complaint I always hear from people about this restaurant is that they always have a long wait but we were seated right away so perhaps late morning is a good time to stop in...

The interior feels like being in someone's house, very welcoming.  We got distracted from choosing what to order when we noticed a shelf lining all of the walls that was filled with kitchy moose figurines and other oddball items.  We finally settled on the Papas Con Rajas: Roasted poblanos chiles, corn, onions, potatoes cooked in a cream sauce and served with black beans and tortillas.  This dish is fantastic!  I'm glad that we split it though because it was definitely very rich comfort food.  

I want to get back soon to try the Calabacitas Guisatas.  
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