Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anthony & Star

Anthony & Star- 10th & Pine

Oh Anthony, always looking so dang put together. I have recently starting joking with him when we cross paths that he is verging on having to be considered the It's My Darlin' mascot. I can't resist taking his photo every time I see him on the hill. Such great style. On this day he also had his friend's dog Star with him. She was such a sweet dog.

It was starting to rain when I took this photo. Because the rain is a big part of our lives here in Seattle we approach the situation a little differently than other places I have lived. In most cities people throw on a rain coat or get out their umbrella on rainy days. Here in Seattle there is some rain gear on the wet days but the majority of people just throw on their hood or walk more briskly to where they are going. I guess when the rain is a regular part of your life you just become indifferent to it or you make a conscious decision not to let it determine how you dress.

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