Saturday, April 16, 2011

Colin & Lauren

Colin & Lauren- Ballard Sunday Market

I hear people refer to bolo ties often as a fashion faux pas and generally the only time that I see them is when they are worn ironically by the hipster crowd with very busy/sloppy outfits. On a recent episode of TBTL Luke was talking about this phenomenon and his annoyance with the accessory. Understandable, but his conversation on the show prompted me to post this photo I took at the Ballard market a while back. I talk often about never disqualifying an item of clothing or an accessory because, in the right context, I think anything can look good. Last year, when I was a guest on an episode of KUOW's Weekday, Steve Scher asked if/when the bolo tie would ever come back into style and I said I thought that it definitely could. Although clothing and accessories always lose their appeal for me when they become a widespread trend I do think that this and most any other style can be worn well if paired with the right outfit and the right attitude. Colin looks great wearing this look and is a perfect example of the bolo tie done right. I really like both he and Lauren's classic and clean style. And a bag of fresh market goodies in the hand is always a great look for everyone too...

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