Monday, April 11, 2011

Ogechi & Stephanie

Ogechi & Stephanie- 5th & Pine Downtown Seattle

I took Ogechi's photo back in the early days of It's My Darlin'. When I went back to look at her photo I ended up scrolling through several old street style pictures and really enjoyed finding all the differences in how we dressed less than two years ago. There are also still a lot of similarities though. That was part of why I thought it would be fun to start this site and I am already getting to the evolution (or lack of evolution) of Seattle style that I was hoping to track.

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1 comment:

Chelsea Lane said...

haha I was RUNNING exactly where they were standing the other day late for work! ;) love how their outfits complement each other, and of course love browsing through past posts on It's My Darlin'!


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