Thursday, April 14, 2011

Worn Out!

Last Friday night I was invited to attend the Stranger's Worn Out fashion show. I didn't plan on taking photos but brought my camera just incase I changed my mind once I got there. Well I was glad that I did. Not only were the runway collections fantastic but I also ran into some really unique outfits in the audience before the show started.

So many things that I love about this outfit...

Now, mind you. I almost never take photos inside so I don't have the proper equipment but I managed to snap a few shots that came out. I was so sad to get home and find that my photos of Tarboo's designs didn't come out very well because they did such an amazing job with their line. I would have loved to show you all of it. But alas, only two decent photos. I was so excited to see that Jamie Von Sratton designed several pieces for the show. Remember her, I took her photo off duty about a year ago. She modeled a few of her own designs and her hair and makeup were almost as stunning as the dresses. The grand finali of the show was the costume work of Mark Mitchell. His designs are absolutely remarkable and made everyone in the audience smile. I can't image the hours that must go into the work that he creates. Stella Rose Saint Clair, who has also been photographed on the street for It's My Darlin' designed the hats worn with Mark's dresses.

House of Mess (modeled by the lovely Isabel!!)

Tarboo by Punctuaton (modeled by Kristin)

Stella Love

Cameron Levin

Cameron Levin
Miriam Reynolds (I want one of her rain hats!)

Isaiah Whitmore
Alex Hancock

Tarboo By Punctuation (the designers and It's My Darlin' friends Matt Noren & Maikoiyo Alley0 Barnes Behind their models)
Prairie Underground

Mark Mitchell & Stella Rose Saint Clair

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