Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Alice- Harvard & Pine on Capitol Hill
Alice picked these Camper boots up in Spain. I have a pair of black Camper ballet flats that I nabbed on mega sale at Edie's forever ago and I love them to death. The are crazy comfortable and have a perfect shape. Maybe I need these, these or these next?

I can't get enough of the Lindsay Wier-esque jackets that I have been seeing on the ladies over the last year or so. This one may be my favorite yet... Time to go watch some Freaks and Geeks.

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Natalie Marie said...

HEy girl! Just want to tell you that you won my giveaway!!!! I am so excited for you! please email me your info and I will send you your Urban GC!



Anonymous said...

Embarrassingly, I finally saw "Freaks and Geeks" recently after years of people telling me it was one of the best shows (yes, I was missing out for over a decade!). I have a Lindsay Weir-esque jacket and I wear it almost every day! So versatile.

.alice. said...

ooh, that's me! The jacket is from the Gap, last fall or winter, I'm guessing. It came with a belt but I like it way better without.

-- .a.

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