Sunday, May 29, 2011


Corina- Melrose & Pine on Capitol Hill
I'm on my flight back from Atlanta and I haven't loaded up the photos that I took there yet so I am going through photos that I took prior to leaving and I'm getting really excited about coming home. That is why I picked this photo for today. Corina's style feels very Seattle to me. After being in 90 degree weather and super high humidity I am ready to come back to the Northwest and throw a couple of layers on. Atlanta was great though! I can't get enough of that enchanting southern hospitality. And the food... it was good in the same way as Savannah, comfort food to the max! I got a few photos of people when I wasn't partaking in wedding festivities. As you will see in the upcoming days the style in Atlanta is a really unique mix and they make great use of vintage pieces. Stay tuned...

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