Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Por Que No?

I took the train down to Portland for a short stay two weeks ago for a street style photo project that I will tell you guys about soon. I was far from dilligent about getting photos of the delicious food I ate but on the way out of town Por Que No? was our last stop and I finally remembered to get the camera out.

We ordered a bunch of tacos... vegetable of the day special and fish for me. Shrimp and Chicken Mole for The Don. The Veggie Special was far superior to the fish and Don preferred his shrimp taco to the chicken mole.
This unique portland haunt seems like exactly what the creators of Bleu Bistro and the Buck would concoct if they brought Seattle a taqueria. This is my favorite type of restaurant. Not just for vegetarians and not just for meat eaters, local when possible, daring ingredients and busy but beautiful decor. I've never been one for the new age and pristinely clean cut restaurant interior. It makes it hard for me to feel at home. This mismatched mix of new and old is more my speed.

Next time I'm in the neighborhood I am for sure getting one of Por Que No?'s bowls. I saw someone digging into one on my way out the door and it looked divine.


Stacy said...

Brad and I are down in Palm Springs right now and the food is crap (even in the grocery stores). We went to a veg place today that is supposed to be the sh*t - what we ordered tasted like something I'd make - and that's not a good thing. We then got to thinking/debating where is the consistently best place in the US that we've eaten? Portland - by a long shot. Where else can one get clove ice cream?

dana said...

So true! Portland is unbeatable when it comes to food. Even compared to NY because in addition to all the availability it is also totally affordable! I love it!

I'm so sorry to hear about your dooey palm springs food. Not cool. Time for Brad to hit the market and cook you guys some real food till you leave :)

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