Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ryan & Daniel

Ryan & Daniel- On 2nd & Pike in downtown Seattle. Visiting Seattle from California these two were out on a walk through downtown and the waterfront when I ran into them. Whenever I am visiting another city I always have a hard time deciding between what I want to wear and what I should wear for a day of walking and exploring. These two both wore completely functional footwear for a day in hilly Seattle but managed to completely avoid what we all try so hard to stay away from when on vacation; looking like a tourist. You know, the athletic shoes that just don't seem to match. Ryan's trackies and Daniel's moccasins are the perfect alternative. I got some great tips from them for a few restaurants and bars to check out on my trip to San Francisco in two weeks and they needed someone to take a picture of them together with their camera. We were meant to run into each other. Hope you two had a great visit in Seattle!

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