Monday, October 26, 2009

Katy & Phillip

Katie & Phillip- Downtown at 7th and Pine. I know I should be sad that Seattle's sunny season is over but I am really excited about fall this year... and layering! The perfect solution for someone like me who struggles to pick from the closet what is going to get a turn each day. Why wear one really warm coat when you can wear a sweater and a coat. It looks like these two feel the same way. And both of them in perfect fall shoes for seattle; walk friendly and prepared for a little unexpected rain. I too am going LL Bean rain shoe this year rain season just like Phillip. I'm tired of wellies and these are a fun nod to my childhood back east. I remember both of my parents wearing them. My mom in the ankle style and my dad and the mid calf length. Now it's my turn.

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