Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late Afternoon

Lis Cherkasova @ its my darlin

Liz Cherkasova @ Its My Darlin

Liz Cherkasova @ Its My DarlinLiz Cherkasova @ Its My Darlin
All Images Via Late Afternoon

I came across the blog Late Afternoon yesterday morning before work and bookmarked the link knowing immediately that I was going to be looking at old posts for a long time. When I got home I found myself wandering through pages and pages of wonderful styling, gorgeous photographs, and spot on fashion tips.

Liz is a Bay Area fashion blogger with a serious eye for fashion. She posts the spectacular, yet somehow effortless, outfits that she puts together day to day as photographed by her boyfriend. I can't put her style into a category because it is just too unique. I felt so inspired after spending time on Late Afternoon and later found myself playing dress up in my head while cooking dinner... conjuring up dreamworthy ensembles made up of pieces that I hadn't ever thought to wear together. I'm looking forward to making Late Afternoon a part of my daily reads and watching as Liz takes over the fashion world starting from San Francisco.

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