Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Field House

The Field House @ Its My Darlin
The Field House @ Its My DarilnBlackbird has opened another location in Ballard! It is called The Field House and it sounds completely amazing. I just heard the exciting news this morning and I am so looking forward to checking it out. Since I haven't seen it yet I think it's best that I leave it to Blackbird to sum up the store and the idea behind it:

"The Field House is reminiscent of general stores that were once at the heart of rural towns across America. Its shelves are stocked with a wide variety of merchandise, including classic work wear, vintage goods, basic groceries and candies, flowers, and perfumes and candles. It captures the history, geography, and folklore of times past, when goods were less disposable and had more meaning, a time when people canned their own food and took a moment to converse with strangers. It is perhaps Blackbird's most personal store, as it is inspired by ownerNicole Miller’s eccentric Pacific Northwest family and her desire to get back to basics.

“In a culture dominated by computers, The Field House is a refreshing invitation to slow down and connect with traditions that are lost and forgotten,” says Miller.

In addition to merchandise, The Field House plans to have free weekly classes on lost skills such as "How to Debone a Chicken" or "Lawnmower Repair." The store will sell Christmas trees for the holidays and will serve a "cup-a-joe" from an insulated Stanley thermos.

The Field House is an experimental pop-up shop. After three months, Blackbird will decide whether to make it a permanent part of the neighborhood."

The concept of this store is beautiful. The products that Blackbird carries embody a sense of timelessness and a carefree outlook. This new store will carry items for both men and women with product lines ranging from Woolrich and Pendleton apparel to local chocolates and Diptyque candles. I can't think of a better neighborhood to start something along the lines of The Field House... getting back to basics and buying well made items in an intimate friendly setting. With so many wonderful local businesses closing and being replaced by condominiums and big box stores it is really refreshing to see a company thinking in a completely different direction.

So stop in and see what you think. The Field House is just around the corner from Blackbird at 5465 Leary Avenue NW in Ballard next door to The Chai House.

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