Friday, October 9, 2009

Kelly & Randa

Kelly& Randa- At 3rd between Pike and Pine Downtown. It's that funky time of year for weather... will it be sunny, will it rain, will it be cold or maybe warm up in the afternoon? The only solution is layering and lots of it. I also like to add in a big tote to store the layers I don't want come afternoon when the sun is shining and it suddenly feels like summer again. I also find the shoe situation difficult in fall. I have lots of cute comfy summer shoes for walking to work but my feet tend to freeze when I wear anything to open early in the morning. And I am just not ready to submit to my winter foot attire of warm socks/tights under boots. These girls both set good examples of options for staying pretty warm without digging up the winter gear from the back of the closet.

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