Sunday, November 29, 2009


Brittany- On University Ave in the U District. Such an incredibly simple outfit that works so well. Sometimes a few classic pieces are suited best without adding vibrant accessories. I love her knee highs. I have a few and can't ever seem to make them stay up... they always end up hovering right around my upper calf area. Whenever I see someone wearing them without fidgeting/pulling/situating I am incredibly impressed and jealous.

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jaunty magpie said...

Amen -- I love knee highs but wish they wouldn't turn into scrunchy ankle socks by the end of the day. I adore those boots! I've been more interested in flat-heeled, interesting footwear lately. I do love heels, but have been walking longer distances and my arches just can't take it!

Anonymous said...

brittany is such a babe.

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