Monday, November 2, 2009

Hillside Quickie In the U-District

I finally made my way over to the University District for Saturday Brunch at vegan restaurant Hillside Quickie. I knew what I wanted immediately after skimming the menu; the plantain and veggie breakfast burrito. Now, I always have to make note when I write about a Hillside Quickie restaurant, this isn't your average vegan fare. Don't go expecting a healthy meal, go prepared for seriously delicious southern style comfort food that will leave your belly feeling good and full for most of the day. Sometimes this is just what one needs on a lazy weekend. I want to get back soon on a Saturday and eat-in. I got my food to go and missed out on the dine-in perks of a complimentary beverage and pastry item (a muffin if I remember correctly). My breakfast wrap was still delicious when eaten on the go. It was actually so filling that I was only able to eat half of it (and all of the tasty sweet potato fries) and I ended up having the rest for dinner. This burrito was pure perfection. Since eating it two weeks ago I have been thinking up ways to incorporate fried plantains into just about everything. I think this week I am going to make some fried plantain and black bean burritos.

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