Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

I love Halloween. It's the one time of year when I can get everyone I know to play dress-up with me. We went to a friend's house for a costume party this year and myself, the Mr., and two of our friends decided to go with a Big Lebowski theme for the night. I decided what better time to finally try those gorgeous lash extensions that I see the ladies at the Benefit Brow Bar creating when I go in there. It only took Michelle about 15 minutes to take my lashes from natural to glam and then she handed me over to Cassie who created my Maude look. It was such a fun day to be at the Benefit counter in Macy's. Everyone came to work dressed in incredible costumes and customers were lining up to have their costumes completed with a professional make-up job.
Tomoko, who did my brow shaping, dressed as Frida... dead on too.

Michelle, who did my lashes, and Garrett who switched roles for the day. These two really went all out, Michelle even wore a false chin, very impressive.
Cassie: My make-up artist.

This lovely lady came in to get her look completed by benefit as well. I couldn't get over what an incredible job Cassie did with this make-up. Those eyes really pop.

Myself as Maude once I got home and finished up the costume with a wig and green robe.
The husband as Walter. I had fun shaving his beard into that shape.
My friend Debbie as The Jesus. This was definitely my favorite costume at the party.
A bit blurry... But it's the only shot I got of Walter and I together.

Another fun and successful Halloween. We got home late and ate Halloween candy while watching post-bar closing chaos ensue out our window. Always entertaining on the weekends but exponentially more so on Halloween.

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