Friday, June 24, 2011


Megan- Victrola Coffee on 15th
It has been super chilly this week. As a result I have seen some very cute bundling going on. We were all ready to be warm by now so even the temps in the 60's demand a few cozy layers. When I found Megan having her morning coffee at Victrola she was staying warm wearing her boyfriend's flannel.

On another note. I am really starting to become enamored with this style of short hair that girls are going with lately. The June issue of W had an article about this cut. I wish I had it in me to do something this bold with my hair.

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Suz said...

It is great to see the street fashion of Seattle. Do you look for the grey background? It makes the colors of your models come out very well

dana said...

Hey Suz! You know, there must be a lot of grey walls here in Seattle because it does happen to be that when I stop people they are often times standing in front of grey walls. That's a good point though. It makes for a great backdrop!

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