Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sima & Punk Rock Flea Market

While we're on the subject of events in Seattle that should not be missed... I always try to make one of the twice a year Punk Rock Flea Markets. The one in the summer is my favorite because even the outdoor portion is packed to the brim with vendors. There is a whole lot of great vintage shopping, handmade wares and delicious homemade treats both savory and sweet to gather up. And everything there... cheap! Even the cost of admission is a whopping $1.
Just like Folklife there is a lot of great eye candy for a great outfit photo obsessed person like myself. Sima was kind enough to let me hassle her while she relaxed in the sun outside the market.
When I got home I threw all of my Flea market finds on the bed and got to trying them all on. This year was very fruitful. A mint condition wool Pendleton jacket and full length striped skirt, two beautiful silk blouses in bright colors, a romper, a lace cardigan, a fabulous ruffley floral full length dress that can't wait to be belted and two very old (I'm guessing 1950's) button up shirts. Phew! I love coming home with that much loot. My go to spot at PRFM is Adria Garcia's booth. She is the owner of Capitol Hill vintage boutique/treasure gallery Indian Summer. She has the best eye! Her station at the the flea market is a dream come true. Lucky for you readers, her shop is year round. Go check it out.

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Gurldoggie said...

Don't forget: the next Punk Rock Flea Market is coming up on December 10th!

Get your stockings stuffed at the Punk Rock Flea Market! The often imitated but never duplicated Punk Rock Flea Market returns to the Underground Events Center just before X-mas to sell you all the white elephants you can fit in your bike basket. And this year we’re giving away FREE SNOWBALLS! On December 10th, from noon to 10pm, the Punk Rock Flea Market magically appears at the Underground Events Center at 2407 1st Ave. in Belltown.

More info at

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