Sunday, June 5, 2011

Frances & Folklife 2011

Frances- Seattle Center, Northwest Folklife Festival 2011

I like to swing by Folklife on one of its three days every year. It is primo people watching and amongst the endless array of ethnic and fair food carts I can also get my freshly made mini Mighty-O donut and Biringer Farm's brownie fix that usually needs to happen at least twice during summer festival season. I also really enjoy the crowds of people dressed effortlessly but with no lack of unique flair. It is an event where people come as who they are. The spectrum of style at Folklife runs all the way from Steampunks and medieval reenactment costumes to hippies and square dancing western attire. It's a weekend when anything goes and everyone comes together to enjoy different cultures and music. My favorite band to catch each year at their spot along the sidewalk continues to be Hail Seizures (my post about them here). Folklife is also where I discovered Laura Jorgensen who played on the Indie Roots Stage this year. Such an amazing musician.

Check out Folklife next year if you haven't yet. Yes, it's a little chaotic... and sometimes a little stinky but if you come mentally prepared for those things it's pretty great.

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