Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We took the Clipper to Victoria, BC last Saturday for a weekend of food and walking around the city. Mission accomplished.

On the way there we passed a few different groups of porpoises swimming near the boat and just past Whidbey Island we saw a whale fully breach the water. I felt like we could have turned around and gone home right then and it would have already been a perfect trip.
Our first stop when we arrived was lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish. Yet another moment where I felt like the trip was already worth it. We got the Cod & Chips and side of the clam and thyme infused gravy that they use to make their poutine. They had so many amazing house made condiments to chose from. We settled on the Golden Shallot Aioli. This was my favorite part of the meal. You could tell it was made fresh that day with ground up garlic cloves and shallots.

We happened upon Fan Tan Alley in Chinatown. We ended up talking with the owner of one of the buildings in the space and he explained that the alley is private property owned by the building proprietors but that for years they have opened the gates on each end to the public so that shops can run out of it and people can enjoy the culture that has always thrived there.

After walking all day we decided to get room service at our hotel and enjoy the view and the complementary robes. The hotel restaurant was surprisingly fantastic. For dinner: Crab Mac & Cheese and Tuffle Oil Onion Rings with Chocolate Caramel Bread Pudding for dessert.
And of course! I took a few shots of the finely dressed locals. I'll be posting those in the next two days.

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