Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lit Lampshades

I met Dawn Bassett, owner of Lit Lampshades, recently when I stopped her and her friend for a shot of their lovely outfits last week at Rosebud. When she told me that she owned a custom lampshade shop on 19th street I was so excited to head to the other side of the hill to check it out. I had no idea what a lovely time I was in for when I stopped in at the incredible design boutique that she shares with Jennifer June; owner of Hermatige Wallpapers. Upon my arrival I was greeted by Dawn and her adorable dog Nikki. I was instantly in a state of complete bliss just looking at all of the gorgeous colors and patterns around me.

The wallpaper behind the desk couldn't be more perfect (click on the image to take a closer look)

A great example of the one of a kind creations available at Lit

"Lovely" Lamp sitting amongst stunning imported strips of wallpaper

A long time artist, Dawn once worked creating hand painted renderings for architectural firms and as a painter has also sold her art to collectors. She now utilizes these artistic talents to create custom lampshades for her customers as well as work together with them to recreate lamps they bring in or build a lamp together from the bottom up. She does this using (as she states)"anything you can come up with" including wallpaper, art, and fabric both vintage and new. As Dawn says "Anything is possible" and after seeing some of the stunning lamps she has constructed I am a firm believer in that. In addition to running the shop Dawn also teaches private art lessons to children. In these hour long one-on-one sessions she shares her expertise and teaches her students based on their personal interests. A woman of many talents!

Dawn Bassett and her dog Nikki with a vibrant Marimekko fabric lampshade

Dawn enthusiastically gave me a tour through her favorite books of wallpaper samples. This experience put me on the verge of selecting wallpaper to cover the walls of my rented apartment... This stuff in amazing! Dawn sent the gears of my imagination turning with her ideas of creating statement walls and framing a large square of wallpaper as a piece of art. I am sure her Seattle apartment is unbelievably grand.

Dawns current favorite wallpaper. This sample book was brimming with show stopping designs

My visit to Lit was such a blast. I can't wait to bring Dawn my two antique crystal lamps to have her work some serious lampshade magic. I'll be sure to post pictures. And someday... when I buy a place in Seattle, Hermatige is going to ensure that my walls are the envy of the neighborhood.

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